In 2022 From The Fields were commissioned, via their flagship light trail Christmas at Bute Park, by For Cardiff to create a site specific lightwork for the city of Cardiff.

Working with internationally renowned Squidsoup, From The Fields presented a global first, a premiere of a site specific piece of work in St John’s Gardens Cardiff.

Goleuni’r Gaeaf’ (The Light of Winter) brought voices, sounds and harmonies from St John’s Church and placed them, like ethereal memories and abstract presences, in St John’s Square.

Best enjoyed at dusk and after dark, the installation was inspired by the ancient Welsh Midwinter celebration, ‘Goleuni’r Gaeaf (The Light of Winter)’, a time to celebrate community and welcome longer, brighter days.

The voices in the audio are of members of the St John’s Church Choir singing ‘Ar Lan Y Mor’, a traditional Welsh folk tune. All sounds and voices were recorded in St John’s Church. (This can be cut if there are too many words for the space.)

The artwork consisted of over 400 individual points of light and sound suspended in space. Unique software and hardware contained within each orb allowed the voices to appear to move between the spheres above your head. Whilst the lighting is designed to move ephemerally across the space, with each orb changing and shifting colour. 

As the partnership between For Cardiff and From The Fields continues to develop Cardiff will see a new global first bespoke installation every year for the next three years produced by From The Fields. 



St John’s Gardens, Cardiff, UK



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Diverse, Family, Friendship Groups


Squidsoup & St John’s Church Choir

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