We are seeking proposals for installations from artists, lighting designers and fabricators for our new and existing winter light trails across the UK.

We are looking for existing work for hire, concepts for commission, or site-specific work that would be suited to a specific location.

Proposals can be from the very small scale to the large scale.

Please cap any commission concepts at £30k and any existing work at £25k. 

Please note that whilst these are the upper limits of any installation we are wishing to hire or commission, the more cost effective and affordable the work, the more likely it is that we will be able to showcase it at one or more of our trails.

Please bear in mind that your work will need to sustain 6 weeks outdoors in all weathers, including withstanding wind gusts of 40mph. All electrics must be IP65 rated.

We aim to deliver a contemporary celebration of Christmas festivities at all our trails across the UK.

Our festive trails, at approx. 1.5km, are lit with spectacular lights & illuminations at every turn, highlighting the natural beauty of their locations.

Please submit your proposal at your earliest convenience. The application deadline is February 27th 2024.

Please click here to apply.

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