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From the Fields Ltd is seeking an experienced individual to curate and oversee the arts programme at Bluedot Festival, a flagship event in its portfolio. The Creative Producer role will primarily involve selecting and working with appropriate artists and suppliers to populate its outdoor arts offer, while feeding into the creative visioning and delivery of the event as a whole. The Creative Producer will need to work effectively with key funders and stakeholders, including Arts Council England, to ensure the programme meets funding priorities. The Creative Producer will work closely with the Bluedot Festival Director, while receiving support & guidance from the From the Fields Creative Director.

Successful applicants will have knowledge and experience of working in the outdoor festival environment. They will have a strong understanding of the diverse, high impact artforms that work in a festival setting, and have an interest in inter-disciplinary work. Successful applicants will have a large volume of contacts with artists from diverse backgrounds, producing high quality performance, installations and digital media. Successful applicants will appreciate the importance of event décor & stage dressing, and be able to work effectively with décor suppliers, ensuring a strong aesthetic is delivered across the site.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Creative Producer will work closely with the Festival Director, Creative Director & Arts Production Manager, overseeing the below:

  • Work with bid writers to submit funding applications to support the arts programme.
  • Once funding is secured, ensure the programme meets funding objectives.
  • Create an annual programme of art and culture at Bluedot festival, that includes content
    that is suitable for both daytime and after dark, for festival-goers of all ages.
  • Oversee the artistic spend of monies raised through the Bluedot Foundation.
  • Manage the full Bluedot Creative budget.
  • Work with décor providers to ensure a strong visual aesthetic across the site.
  • Work with Artist Liaison teams to effectively contract & advance artists.
  • Work with the Arts Production Manager to ensure all technical requirements are
    effectively budgeted, managed and met.
  • Ensure diversity is reflected across the programme, ensuring that under-represented
    groups are included.
  • Oversee an annual Telescope projection mapping commission, working with partners at
    Jodrell Bank.
  • Report to Festival Director & Creative Director while liaising with Bluedot partners at
    Jodrell Bank, and the Bluedot Arts Production Manager.

Applications should be submitted with a CV and covering letter to

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